Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tiny tiny things

It's week 36 today - 4 more weeks to go, give or take. My baby kicks and moves around and causes indigestion and sleeplessness. But I can't wait! Above is the gorgeous bunny knitted shoes my Aunt sent from Port Macquarie and a lovely little jacket from my Nana. As she said, she prefers little girls in blue, and I must admit, they do look cute.

I have a few more bags to load online, a tender to write for design work, then that's it for the year. It's funny to think 2008 is almost finished, who could believe it?

Tomorrow is Angela & Kenny's wedding at the beautiful Carrington Hotel and it looks like rain, cold and mist are going to be a part of the action. Saying that, it is part of the Mountains charm so I'm sure everyone will expect and enjoy it.

There is a couple more bags to go online in the next week but my main ambition is that I will be sending down a shipment to Design A Space where I will be showing my bags from 21 December 2008. So if you are in Melbourne city, head to Manchester Street then!


Em said...

I have mentioned a couple of great kids shops in my blog recently, you should pop over and check out:)

Dawn said...

What an adorable outfit for your little one! And only 4 more weeks to go -- Godspeed on your delivery. We'll be thinking about you ~~ and looking forward to those pics of your baby.