Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vintage Clutch purse

Yesterday we went for a drive to Lithgow and Bathurst. At Lithgow, we checked out the hospital there in case Katoomba is shut when I'm ready to give birth. When our hospital is closed we have to get to Nepean or Lithgow ourselves so we really wanted to check it all out. The hospital at Lithgow is pretty new and very friendly. I just walked in hoping to get a phone number or brochure to make an appointment to see the birthing unit but they were so accommodating and took us straight through!

We then did our usual - second hand shopping! Found some great pieces in Lithgow then drove on to Bathurst. They were having a Lions Club market in the park and I scored this gorgeous 60's clutch purse in red vinyl for $2 which will be perfect to wear with my black dress to Angela's wedding this Friday. I have also got some great red beads so, for once, I am all set!

I also picked up some great vintage dresses that I will be giving to Mum to sell at her markets. Fabulous 50's-60's numbers in all kinds of lovely prints!!!

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