Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fabric gal

6:30am this morning : couldn't work out what to show Theo next so lay her down in my workspace and let her look at fabrics!!! Here, she has turned her head but it kept her quiet for about 10 mins (a record) looking at everything with her short-sighted baby eyes.

Last night was a horror. Theo just wouldn't settle. We all finally fell asleep in the bed but she awoke ready for a feed at midnight and I feel like I've been up since. She gets a bit of a tummy ache and wind after feeding so sometimes she can go to sleep beautifully and other times it becomes a vomiting & farting nightmare. Anyway, she is cradled in my lap as I type this and seems to be calm... fingers crossed she will go to sleep!

Update : 7:40am
Yes! She is asleep! After grumbling away through everything I tried, I forgot my Bubba Moe's sling so put that on and just sat on the computer. As you can see, she has finally caved in and gone to sleep. Yay!!!

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