Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Full time job

Today it's miserable... misty and raining, but I love it! We have had so much hot weather that I relish the change. Theo is all dolled up in her new handknitted cardigan with hoody that my Aunty Lesley made just for her.

Mum is up at the moment helping out which is great. I think Steven enjoys not having to make dinner all the time! Theo only got up 3 times in the night but decided 6am was enough of a sleep in for her so everyone up!!!

This baby stuff is really full time - I guess I never realised how much.


Toria said...

Awww, she looks adorable. And yeah, nothing any one tells you about it can really prepare you for how life will be after a baby arrives.

Em said...

It's nice to hear you say that, (Being a full time Mum for the past 8 years) I often wonder how girls like you manage to run a 'full time' indie business!!! Mind you, I wouldn't change my world for anything, although it's not terribly glamourous it sure is worthwhile:)

Jess said...

I know - you never really get it till they are out and then you're like "oh!"
But it only gets better and better.
Love the cardy!

Cherry Rockette said...

argh! i hear you. i'm wanting to start up being a wahm, but looking after a newborn just takes up the whole friggen day doesn't it? love him to bits, but i get at most 1hr to myself before i have to start the feed/bum change/feed/burp/settle routine all over again. and my brain doesn't want to focus on financial planning, only on baby stuff. is it easier with an existing business already set up?

Kara said...

It definately is but its so hard to find time to do anything - I know what you mean about finding 1 hour in it all! Are you sticking to a routine or feeding on demand? Im doing on demand which means no structure...

...but I wouldn't change it for the world!