Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Garage : movie review by me

Yesterday I watched 'Garage" (again) at home in the air con as it was so stifling hot. This movie really got to me and I highly recommend getting it out at your video shop if it's there.

It's a lovely irish film and a great story - it's slow paced and quite beautiful. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not into the latest blockbusters, but I feel that almost everyone would enjoy this!

***** 5 stars from me!

Plot: Tragi-comedy from the margins of contemporary Irish life. Regarded by his neighbors as a harmless misfit, eliciting idle kindness, benign tolerance and occasional abuse, Josie has spent all his adult life as the caretaker of a crumbling petrol station on the outskirts of a small town in the mid-west of Ireland. He is limited, lonely, yet relentlessly optimistic and, in his own peculiar way, happy. But then over the course of a summer, Josie's world shifts. A teenager, David, comes to work with him. David likes him. They open up to each other and suddenly the lonely adult is drinking cans down at the railway tracks with the local kids. He is awakened to needs in himself that have never been met. And Carmel, from the local shop, who has always been kind to him, stirs feelings within him that he struggles to name. And then one thoughtless moment unravels the threads of faltering friendship. Events spiral. Josie's life is changed, forever.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kara
Any news? I've lost your number but really want to see how you are. Got my act together finally.
Lots of hugs and best wishes for the big event and what's the come. Can't wait to hear.