Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bags coming... stay tuned

I've managed to put together some fabric combinations to create purses and handbags. Stay tuned and watch out on my site to see what's new over the next few weeks!

It's STILL raining. It's beautiful to go to sleep to, not so good to dry clothes, do stuff and get Theo in UV light. I might have to do some days in Sydney soon to get more light on her. I've been trying to capture photos of her smiling.


Jacqui said...

she looks just like her mum! The rain...what can I say? I'm sick of it and only a few weeks ago we were watching the skys and praying for it. So extreme. Hope the little one gets some sun on her head soon.

Kara said...

Thank you!

bex said...

hope the rain eases off for you soon. i know its not the same over here in england but when it was raining lots here we discovered we had a leak in our roof, the landlord was slow and reluctant to get it fixed and it went on for months!! so maybe i can sympathise!
yay!! more bags maybe soon, i love looking at your bags!

Cass said...

No sun down in here either just rain and more rain