Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Best Bunny by Flying Star Toys

On Monday Theo received the most beautiful and unexpected gift - a 'Best Bunny' by Florence at Flying Star Toys! What a surprise and a real treat!

Florence's beautiful toys are to DIE for... and certainly too good for the little ones.

Already Theo is responding and follows her Best Bunny when I move it in front of her. There is a gorgeous bell around the Bunny's neck so Nelly (the dog) also thinks she's pretty cool and wants a turn (no way!).

Check out these Biscuit Bunnies:
"Biscuit Bunnies! They're the most delightful guests to have over to tea but you'll have to watch that they don't hop into the tea-cups. When they're not investigating the blend you prefer they like to sit quietly listening to the wind in the trees, thinking on buttons and balls of string."

You need to check out the Flying Star Toys website - everything that Florence has created is beautiful with such attention to detail and finish.

Thank you Florence! x

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bex said...

theo's bunny loks great. i think that the biscuit bunnies look really cute, i like their little story.