Monday, February 2, 2009

Housewife's choice

Today was my first day being totally on my own with Theodora. I was a bit apprehensive as Steven has been with me helping out over the past 3 and a half weeks. But it went really well and I managed to get some things done, go to sleep with her and even have two little outings! We got to the fruit 'n' veg shop and then later walked Nelly the dog to the park (which is a really steep hill so wasn't a good idea in this stinking heat).

But I have done it and feel so much more confident!

I also did an interview via email for a magazine which feels so weird as I am not in sync with my business right now. But it was nice to get back into it momentarily.

Gotta go - I even made dinner for Steven when he gets home. Such a housewife...


Jess said...

She smiled!! Already. Very advanced.
She's too too cute Kara - wish I was there to see.

Kara said...

She is smiling and cooing - has been smiling since we were in hospital in her first 8 days and the midwives kept saying they don't believe its wind at that age and that babies can smile! x

bex said...

hi there! ive just discovered your blog and id like to say how great it is. i make bags and purses too, though nothing upto your scratch. congratulations on your beautiful baby girl (a bit late in congratulations i guess but hey!)
i'll be back soon

Kara said...

Thanks Bex!