Thursday, March 12, 2009


Gosh, its been a week since my last post! How time gets away...

More new bags uploaded to my site - with 2 more coming - just as soon as I can sew buttonholes and buttons. Once upon a time this was so quick and easy to do, but with baby Theo keeping me busy, it tends to sit and sit and sit there!

Theo and I have colds which is not much fun at all. Having to care for a sick one all night means no rest for me. She is starting to cry now so off I go... (sigh!).


Stephanie said...

Aww poor girls... You have to take the good with the bad... when it's bad it's horrible But when it's good it's truly fantastic. I'm sure your both helping each other feel better!!.

Cherry Rockette said...

so when are we going to see your nappy bag creations then, huh? :P
theo is a darling, lovely bright eyes, she's so alert!
and i'm loving the red/grey rose print fabric, that's going to be a gorgeous bag!

Kara said...

The 10totes I do started as nappy bags. They are huge and hold lots of stuff and have pockets externally and internally! Which red/grey fabric are you talking about?

bex said...

ohh dear, i hope you both feel better soopn. good luck with the button holes