Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Me At Mikes new book

Today I received an express post bag with 2 copies of the fab new book 'Meet Me At Mikes'

I'm really excited as I have a project in this book and was invited by the lovely Pip to submit some time ago. It's wonderful to see the final product published!!!

So if you are looking to make your own simple (very simple - it's not too hard) clutch purse as well as 25 other lovely little craft projects, get your copy now. Just in time for the winter months...

I especially like the pink lamingtons recipe at the back. I will have to have a go at those soon.

More lovely clutches up on my site too! This week I am aiming to get up another 2 handbags, a large tote and a ballerina bag... just a bit slow with Theo hanging off me constantly (who knew babies were so time consuming?).


bex said...

ive been eyeing up that book! congratulations on having a pattern inside!

Stephanie said...

That;s so exciting Kara!! Did you sign your page hehe. I would have!! I haven't bought a craft book in ages... might be about time and the lamingtons sound too yummy not too. Congrats again girl!!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I am back!! I'm getting my copy just in time for Mother's Day YAY!! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day too Girl with many many more to come!!!

xo Steph