Monday, March 23, 2009

Simpler times.

I spent last weekend at Newcastle seeing my sister before she has her 2nd child in a couple of weeks. It was lots of fun, though challenging with a 10 week old baby and her 2 year old who is 'getting ready' for a new sister or brother. Eli is trying out his 'big boy bed' which is going well but as with any youngster, its two steps forward one step back. He is so cute!

Anyway, as we were driving home Steven mentioned trying to find his old holiday house at McMasters Beach where they used to go as kids. It was such a lovely day and I was tired but thought it would be fun. So we drove off along the coast looking for it. And WOW, don't we wish they still had it. It is pretty much sitting right on the beach with full sea views!

I fed Theo on a picnic blanket under the trees then we went and got hamburgers from the Surf Club Kiosk and sat under the pine trees that line the sand on the southern side. A lovely warm breeze smelled of the sea, Theo got to look at everything and eventually fell into a deep sleep.

We talked about the sorts of holidays we liked best and both agreed, an old beach house (fibro of course), a simple picnic and road trips are really the way to go. And will be the only way we go for a while with babies now - no international jetsetting here!

I remember all those things: sunburn, listening to the roar of the surf as you go to sleep, marshmallows being cooked on sticks on the fire, peeling oranges in the sand and eating sandy segments of it, watching the Milky Way at night, singalongs with the guitar, bushwalking, swimming til your fingers were pruney but never getting out, bindy eyes in your feet.

So now I want to hunt down lovely fibro beach houses up and down the coast as potential holiday destinations. Of course, we usually take Nelly (the dog) as well so it has to be pet friendly. Above is 'Lifes A Beach' down the South Coast where we stayed late last year (and is highly recommended by me if you love all things retro).

Any good suggestions of other holiday ideas?


bex said...

i really want to go on holiday now!! the beach hut at the end of your post looks fantastic. we have found (but not gone to ) a similar place on the isle of wight, except it was one of those metal vintage caravans!!

Kara said...

Oh I blogged about them a while ago - they are fantastic!!! x

ingrid said...

I love those beach holidays. Long lazy days on the beach with packed lunches and then fresh seafood bbqs for dinner. Bliss!