Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tired but inspired.

Theo wears a dress I made from vintage fabrics.

This week has been crazy. So far Theo and I have run around to the paedetrician, physiotherapist and vaccinations yesterday. I am so tired but its all gotta be done. It was lovely to have Steven work from home yesterday to help me out a bit (so I got a nap!) and today Mum is coming up to the mountains to help out.

I've managed to get a couple more clutches up on my site - and introduced the new 10tote custom design. Check 'em out!


Bec said...

She is so beautiful Kara. Such a gorgeous smile :)
XX Bec

Thea said...

Theo is way too cute! She is lucky to have a mum that can make pretty things for her :)

Em said...

Love the new tote! Theo is a little darling - I am waiting to see a few baby dresses in your posts!