Thursday, April 9, 2009

I want...

For those of you that remember my debacle with Apple on my dying 2005 and 'just out of warranty' Mac late last year (I was told to 'buy a new one'. Rubbish!), I must say that since it has been fixed, it's still going strong and looking good.


This is the one I want when my computer really does kick the bucket.

The MacBook Pro is green, green, green! It's highly recyclable and so much more energy efficient. Things like: arsenic-free glass (ummm... so all others have arsenic??), mercury-free LED-backlit display, PVC-free internal cables, 37% smaller packaging and highly recyclable aluminium and glass enclosures.

Apple controls every aspect of the product of its computers so then can minimize their carbon footprint in ways the competitors can't. Things like designing with fewer parts and recyclable materials. They even have created software that makes them more energy efficient!!!

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