Monday, April 13, 2009

Kreativ blogger award

I have been put to the challenge to come up with the 7 things I love most by beatnik bazaar in Cape Town, South Africa (such a long way from here!) - thanks for that... here it goes...

1. My darling little girl, Theo. She is now just over 13 weeks old and as hard as the job is, it is so incredibly rewarding. To see her grow, learn and respond with smiles, chatting and laughing melts my heart. Just what did we do before she came along? Steven and I are besotted by her!

2. Road trips with the family. When we get the chance, Steven, Nelly (the dog) and I have had some great road trips around this fantastic country. I prefer these so much more to overseas holidays. Getting in the car, bag of sweets, great cds, a map too big for the front seat - and hit the road! We have been everywhere from Qld, NT, SA, VIC and NSW. I would really like the next trip to be down through Melbourne and across on the ferry to Tasmania - one day soon I hope!

3. 2nd hand stores. This goes hand-in-hand with road trips! Never pack the car up too much as there is always something fabulous to be found that really needs to be squeezed into the car somehow - even if Nelly ends up having to sit on top of it!!!

4. Living out of the city. I just love, love, love living in Katoomba in the beautiful Blue Mountains. There is a fantastic community of like-minded people here, the air is fresh, our house is nestled in the bush with a bubbling stream near by (which is lovely to go to sleep listening to), I get to watch and listen to birds all day as I work and it's still close enough to Sydney so we can get our fix of city life when we need it.

I left Sydney in 2001 for the Northern Territory. We tried Brisbane for almost 2 years but to be back out in a quieter space really does work for me. It's also a lovely spot to bring up children.

5. Sweets. I have a terrible sweet tooth! Homemade cakes and treats are things I think about daily though I'm not a real cook (I'm more of your stirfry/quick cook - I'm not good with recipes). Some of my lovely customers have sent me sweets (naughty ;)!) and I got homemade brownies from a customer that came specially to the Leura markets last year... mmmm....

6. Shoes. Ok, this is obvious! There isn't many girls who don't love shoes. But being a size 16 means that clothes can't always be my first love as designers don't like to create clothes for the most common size out there. I have an abundance of shoes - all totally impractical for living in the sticks here! But I do like to look at them.

Just yesterday I spotted a pair of cute purple suede Mary Jane flats in Blackheath. I ooohed and ahhhed at them then turned to Steven and said, "What a shame. They would be totally impractical living here". He just nods and hopes I don't buy these things. I have also broken my toes and bones in my feet a few times (too hard to go into but it's been happening over a period of 15 years). This is making it harder and harder to find gorgeous shoes that fit comfortably, plus a pregnancy that's flattened out my feet further.

7. Last but in no way least... vintage fabrics and trimmings. I have always had this fascination but for a long time, collected things and didn't do anything with them. Creating an outlet by making my range of handmade handbags has helped this obsession. I don't hang on to beautiful fabrics like I once did - now I am much happier cutting them up to create gorgeous things!

Ok, my turn. I'm going to ask Anna Laura, Liana Kabel and Florence Forrest to step up to the challenge. These girls are all amazing Australian independent designers who I adore.


Florence Forrest said...

Arghhhh! ok since you are so sweet :-D

vintagefabricaddict said...

That is so bizarre you've just published my exact list of fave things, swap your daughter for mine of course!! A great list by the way.

vintagefabricaddict said...

Thanks Kara, what I meant was your list is the same as mine, love the list!!