Sunday, April 19, 2009

Peppermint Mag

Yay! I have had a bag featured in the delicious new Peppermint Mag. This is a very exciting magazine - one at the forefront of Australian & New Zealand eco friendly fashion. It is such a beautiful magazine to read and love the 100% recycled aspect to it.

Lots of cutting edge design and great articles... check it out!


Mel said...

wow congratulations! Which one is yours? I have only just discovered your blog (courtesy of Meet Me at Mikes) and am loving it :) Haven't heard of Peppermint Mag but it sounds like a goodie - will go take a look see now!

Kara said...

Hi Mel,

Bottom right is one of my x-large totes, "Matilda May".


bex said...

awesome!! well done lady!

Jo said...

Congrats Kara, well done!!
Hope Theo appreciates how clever her mum is.

Penny said...

I looove Peppermint. It's such a great feeling, knowing that what you're doing isn't having such a big impact on the environment and that there are heaps of other crafty people out there who appreciate it! Peppermint just makes my day!

Em said...

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