Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Present & correct

How gorgeous is this stuff? My girlfriend Jess sent me the link from London. Present & Correct are based in the UK and do the most beautiful paper goods - you must check them out!!

This sort of design really inspires me. The website is divine too.


I've had a shocker of a day.

Little Theo was a screaming banshee for most of it. She managed to poo all over two outfits which required washing her body down each time, spewing cottage cheese style milk 3 times at one venue (which was all over me too), screamed at every opportunity and wouldn't sleep. I finally got some relief when I got her and Nelly (the dog) into the car and drove around Katoomba and Medlow Bath. I have always wanted to drive around the streets in Medlow so it was fun for me.

Anyway, motherhood makes sewing and creating more than a little difficult and doesn't leave me much time to myself.

So, I am sitting here with a peppermint tea, a peanut butter sandwich and my computer. It's 6pm and quiet now as she has finally passed out. I am exhausted and can't wait for Steven to turn up to take over and make dinner so I can get in the bath.

I found out today that I didn't get into the Autumn Finders Keepers market in Sydney and it left me with mixed emotions.

Really, I wanted to be able to do a market soon and regain a little of my 'pre-Theo' life but I am also glad, as it would be incredibly hard to do a 2 day market with a 3 month old baby all the way in Sydney.

Motherhood is so much more demanding than what I thought and I don't seem to get much time to do anything more than tend to her needs each day. I am amazed at some mums who are managing to do their business and newborns though I expect they aren't getting that much more done than me!


Retro Age Vintage Fabrics said...

I remember how excited we were when our first born was about to arrive - we couldn't wait! And then this screaming little babe arrived and he didn't stop screaming for months...we were shocked and amazed at how hard it was to look after him, it was a full-on 24 hour a day job until he was around six months at least. Now he is five and gorgeous and we survived - but having a babe so emotional made us wait another three years before we had our second. Stay strong and positive - every day it will get a little easier and you'll (slowly) get more and more time to yourself :)

bex said...

dont worry! im sure before long some time will appear and when it does i bet you make great use of it!

Kara said...

Thanks guys! I am definately enjoying her but feel a bit sad that my before life isn't around much at the moment!!! x

Cass said...

Kara here's a tip I used when I had my second. I cut out a whole heap of things at once (I hate cutting out) and then when I got little snippets of time I could just jump straight in to sewing. This made me feel like I accomplished things much quicker, although I am sure I didn't

joyflea said...

Hey Kara,
Life will return to normal. Embrace the moments you have with her whilst she's young. They grow up so fast. Work is just work, it will always be there for you to get back to. If you have a strong client base (as I suspect you do) then I'm sure they will be patient as you take a little bit longer to make new items.
And these mums that seem to be able to do it all- believe me, they probably have a very large support base. In time (and that could be a few more months yet) life will settle down and you'll forget about these rough days and remember only her coos and her lovely smile!

Kara said...

You are so right! I love spending time with her and have the guilt of my business pulling me one way and the guilt if I am doing anything with my business that I want to be with Theo.

And I am doing it pretty much alone, as my partner leaves 5:30am and gets home 7:30pm so it really doesn't leave much time for anything else - and I am too darn tired in the evenings!