Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today we travelled off the mountain and headed to Penrith.

Sorry, Penrith Plaza to be exact - another Westfield. There really isn't any other reason to go to Penrith otherwise, unless you go across to the beautiful Lewers Gallery at Emu Plains.

I thought times were tough. I thought people were losing their jobs and tightening their belts, not spending so much. Every shop has ridiculous bargains on. And we haven't got Rudd's handout just yet (but maybe others do?).

So why doesn't it seem tough? People were everywhere, buying like crazy on an Easter Saturday morning. Bags of stuff hanging off arms and prams. So are people really worried about what's happening out there? Do we all really have money to spend?

I must admit I was doing the same. Target had 20% off kids stuff and as it's getting cold here I wanted to get some baby sleeping bags for Theo. Then I saw thermal wool/cotton long sleeve t-shirts for her that were reduced and (on top of that) on sale so had to grab those as well.

Maybe it will hit home after Rudd's payout has been spent and there is no more play money. I wait to see what other bargains come about...


magikquilter said...

well Westfield Bondi Junction is really quiet..maybe because teh wealthier types hang on to their money and the workers can't afford anything!

But the races were packed today....helicopters driving us insane all day....we need to remember to go away on the saturday in future

hope you get some sewing done with steven/stephen ??????? home

magikquilter said...

hi is 3.42 am...happy eastter...your website seems to be down

Kara said...

Hi K!

Website seems to be back up again?? I dunno.. I am having trouble with my email and pretty sick of my service provider (domain central). Hope all is well with you?

beatnik said...

Hi! I've awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award, so now I hope to see a post about the top 7 things you love! You can see mine on

Alfalfa Crafts said...

I think many people will be spending their $900 before getting it - adding it to their credit card bills. I'm waiting as I have no choice. I think for many people living in Penrith the main past-time is shopping. Have you ever been there on a late night Thursday? Don't, as its complete madness with the whole of the Penrith out shopping.

Also, I think consumer confidence has gone up for a short time over the holidays too. I sold nine things online this weekend, after having no sales for months.