Friday, April 17, 2009

Stupid stupid toes

I have to vent... then it's time for bed. I have broken my toe again - the little one - again - but this time my right toe! I sound like some little feeble old woman don't I?

I have been staying with Mum in Sydney to get some help with Theo. I can't believe my bad luck lately!!!

This time it was trying to take the screaming banshee for a walk to get her to sleep, had the dog lead too and a Emmaljunga pram which is a 4 wheeler and hopeless to navigate so presto - bang into foot (in thongs) and another broken toe. Hobbled home trying not to cry while Theo screamed the whole way and the dog was not impressed as the walk was cut short!


bex said...

oh dear!! you poor thing!! im sorry about your toe!!! i broke my little one once and it hurt alot. although i gather your a pro at it?
feel better soon!!!

Kara said...

Yeah 3rd time in less than three months. I thought I'd vary it a little this time though... it's my right toe now. x

Bec said...

Ooooh you poor thing. Another little toe-breaker here (many years ago). No fun at all is it!!! Can't believe it's the third time - you really are a professional :O

vintagefabricaddict said...

HI Kara I broke my toe playing chase through the house, boy was that pain - I sat on the floor and cried so I feel for you!!!

Jess said...

Oh no Kara!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can you help me? I think i broke my toe over night and i cant move it. And it hurts like hell.