Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome Ivy

At 1:21am my beautiful little niece Ivy was born. My sister had a water birth at home and didn't tell everyone as the first baby she had ended up being an emergency caesar. But, as you can see, Ivy has come into the world as happy as can be. Doesn't she have lovely squidgy fingers?!


Mel said...

What a doll! yes gorgeous little fingers. Congratulations to your sister opting for the water birth after a caesar. i was lucky enough to have two water births and now can't imagine giving birth any other way (got another one due in December ;)

Enjoy getting to know your new niece!

Tania said...

Lucky, lucky Ivy for a gentle entry into the wide world. Congratulations to all. Also managed the home water birth after an emergency caesar and am constantly fighting back the need to tell every expectant Mum to find an independent midwife!

Kara said...

I still don't know if I'd be keen. I love the idea but would be a little scared I think!!! She is so beautiful though and I'm dying to meet her soon!