Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winter scarves coming soon

I have been creating scarves over the Easter long weekend - it's probably the most sane of things I can do with Theo calling for attention as well.

Simple, straight lines on the machine means I can pick them up and put them down when I need to and not be doing tricky little things that can be mistakes too easily.

I just love mixing and matching the fabrics to create these unique scarves. I hope to get these first ones up next weekend. So far 3 are finished (I know, I know - there should be more made over a 5 day long weekend but it's as fast as I can go!).

Some have some fun details - and look out for the scarves with vintage fuzzy felt animals on them!

My sister's second baby is due any day now and I have a TON of stuff that no longer fits Theo. So I have bagged it all up and taking it to Mum's place in Sydney tomorrow so she can take it to my sister in Newcastle when the baby is born. It's nice that all these clothes and baby items can be shared around! It also means another day or two in the city!!!


Jo said...

Those scarves look lovely, and well done getting any crafting done with a new bubba around. I am making the most of having my DH around this week too and trying to get a bit of sewing done. xx

RubyOwl said...

Ohh I love winter scarves and the photo of yours look great! Yes, I am quite happy with the scooter t's I have the scooters in pink too but, have been trying hard to make more and more t's for boys. Seeing as I have a baby boy again of my own, 11 years and 2 girls after the first. I am finding the balance a bit hard with a new baby and work but, luckily my mom is here from Canada until June and she has been doing the markets for me. I am not sewing anywhere near as much as I used to but, am managing alright. One thing I have not managed well lately is getting on to the parenting forum I must get back on before I am all but forgotten, probably already am. Oh and I scrolled down your blog and saw the most gorgeous picture of Theo, so BEAUTIFUL!

bex said...

fuzzy felt animals? they sound great!

Kara said...

It's really hard to do it all with a little one. Even checking comments and emails means I am not entertaining her! And she is not a great sleeper so I really don't get enough time to be creative. Tough life for us mums, hey?

Bec said...

These are just beautiful. And for what it's worth, I think you're doing an amazing job getting as much sewing done as you are. You are in the most time-intensive part of mothering at the moment. I'm sure you will start getting a little more time as Theo gets older. By the way, she really is a gorgeous baby :)