Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Over the weekend we went to Newcastle and I got to meet my beautiful 2 week old niece Ivy (above). She is such a little sweetheart - you really do forget how small they are when they first arrive (thank god!).

We tried to find a nice café on Sunday for Mothers Day but all were packed on Darby St so we had to go to Gloria Jeans... sigh. Here is my sister Ingrid (right) with her little ones and Theo with me. Theo is really losing her hair quickly now - she looks quite funny!


Mel said...

Wow Kara I was in Newie on the weekend too! Sadly didn't make it to Darby St though by the sounds it was too packed anyway! Great shots of the fam ;)

Melanie said...

It is a lovely time when the kids are young and you can hang out and drink coffee with other new mums. Ahh the good ol days. Your post reminds me of happy times as a young mum:)
have a lovely week

vintagefabricaddict said...

Don't worry the Darby street thing and Gloria Jeans happens all the time to us and we live here! impossible to get a table in Darby street! It's crazy, however, there is a little known secret coffee house in Islington - Suspension. Check it out next time. cheers