Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Going grey

On Saturday night I decided to cut my fringe back in - it's something I keep trying to grow out and change my look but I am always happier with a fringe. And since the cut, I am again delighted with it. I will have to get to a hairdresser to tidy it up at some point (and I haven't had a haircut since December!!!) but it's good for me for now.

But... I noticed more grey hairs! I had my hairdresser (and business mentor) notice one in December at the back of my head so I plucked it out. Then I noticed another and plucked that too. I had thought my hair had a lovely silvery sheen to it then realised it was a grey. After that, I stopped looking.

So when I cut my fringe I saw a big one in the fringe itself. When I say 'big' one I think I mean very very noticeable against my dark hair. It looked like a thick rope against my thin, dark, straight hair - just screaming for attention and to be yanked out.

I am 35 years old (and therefore in the Over 35's) and stop dyeing my hair about a couple of years ago. I had been dyeing my hair since I was 15 years old. I thought that many years of hair dye is probably enough damage and it was actually quite interesting to see my own hair colour - and it suited me best of all the colours I'd ever had!

But now there are more greys' appearing I am wondering:

Do I keep plucking them out and thus rendering myself bald at some point?

Do I start dyeing my hair again?

At what age do I stop dyeing my hair so it doesn't look like a solid block of dark colour while the rest of me fades back - so that it really looks like I'm dyeing to cover grey?

Should I start wearing sensible middle-aged tracksuits, jangly Christmas earrings and slip on Kumpfs? Should I get a sensible short perm?

I thought I wasn't a vain person but maybe I am??? (Now I'm giggling here!)

It's certainly food for thought. The rope-like greyish hair is swinging in my fringe while I really think about it.


bex said...

i think im a bit strange because im kind of looking forward to going grey...but perhaps thats what all the young people say so they dont have to worry about it??

Jacqui said...

I really don't believe in the too old theory for just about anything except maybe mid-drift tops (but are they good at any age really?). If you've got a bit of spunk, which I reckon you do, you can carry anything off. My friend is going grey and proud - she reckons she's earned them. I, on the other hand, reckon if there are too many to pull out, pick your favourite colour and go for it.

magikquilter said...

oh ancient one are you back from tresilian yet?

I say let it grow in...in streaks if possible

Arthur's Circus said...

I have embraced the grey this year, after way too many years of dyeing. I always thought I'd wait until I hit my 40's but at 37 the trips to the hairdressers were way too infrequent. Now it suprises me when I go out how many people comment on liking my grey hair. Although my sister made a point that I have to make an effort to style it properly so I don't look too old and lazy....

Kara said...

Grey it is for now then!

K, I'm back - Tresilian was great. Having some setbacks/regression from the girl but dealing with it. It was wonderful and just trying to take each day one step at a time!

Jess said...

Kara-you make me laugh! As much as I relish seeing you with a short sensible perm and ring zip tracksuit, I say dye it! Plenty of years left to be grey (at least 45)