Friday, May 1, 2009

Great shop : No. 5

My sister-in-law (well, we aren't married but it best describes!) went to Port Douglas and took some photos of my delicious handmade handbags at No. 5.

This shop looks so damn groovy that if you are nearby, I reckon you should take a look!

And happy to say that life with Theo is still interesting. We are looking into reflux now - she is still unsettled and has her screaming moments so fingers crossed this might be it. I have also managed to get into Tresilian in a couple of weeks and very much looking forward to it.

Here is a rare shot of our little girl passed out on the couch (she doesn't usually sleep unless swaddled). As you can tell, it's getting pretty cold here and she has plenty of layers on. I have been op-shopping for good wool cardies and socks.


magikquilter said...

you know kara i used to work as mothercraft nurse...i suspect and you are going to hate me here...that they will advise you not feed her on demand and that you let her cry on occasion so that she learns to settle herself.

Of course that might not fix vomiting but over frequent feeding might cause it. Are you booking in to Tresilian so they can monitor you both? At least you will get some rest! Don't hate me!

Kara said...

Hi K!

No, I am ready and prepared if it does involve things I haven't done. I am so tired as I don't have a lot of support here with Steven working all day!! I am really looking forward to it!


magikquilter said...

poor Kara...I do remember what that was like

CJ had a Lactose intolerance which really helped settle him....about two months then..he went on soy milk and thrived on that. I do not know if breast fed babies can get lactose intolerance but its easy to test for...poo test

They will really know what to do so hope it happens soon so you can get into a pattern in which you get some rest. it is probably why you keep breaking your toes too....sleep deprivation can cause clumsiness and accidents.

Let us know when you go so we have all our positive vibes directed at you...okay?

Mel said...

Kara I went to Tresillian with my first bub when she was 8 months old and they took care of me as much as they took care of her!

And for her age I doubt they will let her cry - the philosophy seems to have changed a lot, even since I went with my daughter (back in 2005) until i called late last year for some advice about my son. Let us know how you go and take care of you! :)

Jo said...

Look at Theo all rugged up, very sweet!