Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seersucker heaven

Isn't this vintage seersucker amazing? Gasp! I am so in love with it... I haven't worked out how much is on the roll but it still has it's original tag. The pattern is divine - and I really need a skirt out of it I think.

Tomorrow we head off to Tresilian for a 5 day stay. Saying that, Theo is making an absolute mockery out of it - sleeping through (well, Steven does get up and push the dummy back in every couple of hours to keep her quiet) and we are all feeling a little more rested. I am really looking forward to Tresilian's help though.

On another note I am really enjoying being a mum - especially now that we have worked out it is reflux for Theo. She is on medication and is a totally different baby. So happy and relaxed now. I don't get the screaming fits of rage anymore!!! Here she is (above left) with her friend Lola's fingers in her mouth...

Here is a couple of us from my new Mothers Group (me left) and our babies in Katoomba. There is an incredible network of mums up here - many with home-based / freelance businesses so we are all in the same boat. It's wonderful!

We went to the Katoomba Hospital Maternity Unit rally yesterday and I was told I was seen on Channel 9 news. I never got to watch it though which was a shame! Theo's first protest!!


bex said...

hehehe, shes so cute! and i think your do need a skirt from that fabric

vintagefabricaddict said...

Nice fabric! Nice baby! Nice mums!

Jo said...

Theo's first protest, LOL!!

You got your ergo, hope it's comfy.

Mel said...

Way to go Theo! Rage against the machine! Having said that be on your best behaviour for Mummy at Tresillian. Good luck with it all Kara and get some rest!