Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend away

Tomorrow we leave for Newcastle where I will finally get to meet my new little niece Ivy. I can't wait! Theo is coughing away here so wondering if it's her 4 month vaccinations or something she's picked up from other kids... hmmm? Then Sunday we will stay with Mum in Sydney and get a thai takeaway or something simple.

Theo had great news this week - physio has progressed well on her feet so the 'file is closed'! Yay! I manipulate her feet outwards a couple of times a day and they are looking good. We just need to get her liver enzymes down and all will be good. Her reflux medication seems to be really working too - giving us 8-9 hour sleeps a couple of times now. Fingers crossed it stays that way...


bex said...

im glad that everything is going well. have fun seeing your new neice!

magikquilter said...

oh am so pleased about the reflux might not need the tresilian now...yeah

have fun this weekend