Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mountain mums

Last week a few of us Mums 'n' Bubs were having a lovely stroll around Blackheath duckpond when a lady came up asking if we knew anyone interested in prenatal yoga. Well, none of us did but we all said we are interested in postnatal yoga - especially if we can bring our babies along to join in. Debbie (as we then found out her name) initially wasn't ever planning on doing this but was so excited about doing this for us that she went off, found a suitable venue, then emailed us to say that it could all work out!

We are going to start it up soon - and I tell you what, I am really in need of it. It's so hard to stretch and move when you are running around looking after a little one. My pillowy marshmallow body won't know what has hit it! But Debbie has mentioned about getting the babies involved in some massage and stuff... how exciting!!!

Since then Debbie has sent through her blog - and I noticed the wonderful book she has written: "Sustainable Baby - A parents practical guide to consuming less and living better". Wowee - I'm definately gonna check this one out!


Jess said...

Also check this one out - - the first one Green Baby - it's got an 8 month old Torsten in it!

Kara said...

Jess, Debbie's little boy is called Torsten too!