Thursday, July 23, 2009


Theo eating her breakfast this morning.

On Monday I celebrated my 36th birthday - gulp, getting old! My partner, Steven, was overseas for work in sunny Budapest then Paris so I decided to have a bit of a bash. It was a lot of fun - crazy with babies and people but I really enjoyed myself.

Other than that, life is good. Theo keeps me busy and last night was the first night she slept soundly - 6pm to 6am!!!! I am actually quite tired today and can only put it down to too much sleep!

My fabric stores sit here and mock me. I would love to dive into them and get some great new things happening... but when?

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mountainwildlife said...

Happy Birthday! and 36 is fine (from a just-turned-40-y.o.!) Good on you for having a b'day bash, not always easy with little ones. Your daughter looks beautiful (and maybe a little mischievious?!)
Stunning bags too.