Monday, August 31, 2009

Clambering around

Theo's baby gym & vintage Fisher Price telephone amongst my stuff!

I just turned around in my workspace to grab something and had to clamber through babygear. It made me chuckle so I took a photo. This is what I deal with every day now. Theo has taken to pulling out fabrics to play with - which I love - and I love watching what she finds interesting.

The beautiful gift bag on the chair in the photo at top (with pinnochio drawn on the front) is by Italian clockmaker Bartolucci. Steven's parents brought back this cute retro-styled clock from Italy on their recent holiday. They picked this ladybird as they thought the face looked just like Theo's.

Last night I managed to create more of the look & feel of the new baby range I will be doing soon. It was so fun to be able to be creative and get into it as Theo is finally getting some sleep - 6pm to 6am... yay!

And finally, check out Made by White's fantastic sale! These girls do the most fabulous perspex jewellery and wall art and I urge you to check them out... mmmm... jewellery...

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