Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hill End

Theo jammed into the car with all our stuff AND Nelly the dog in the back!

Last weekend we went to Hill End for a much deserved break. What a fantastic gem of a place it is! I had only ever been as far as Sofala many years ago - but the extra journey to Hill End is well worth the effort. And what was once a bumpy dirt road is almost paved the whole way through!

Outside Cookes Cottage with Theo while Nelly sits under the trees.
She loved barking at the roos every day.

We stayed at Cookes Cottage which was a pleasant surprise. 4 star boutique beautiful old cottage with everything that opens and shuts including a roaring fire! Oh and Nelly was able to stay there too. I love dog friendly accommodation as it makes the holiday so much easier.

Theo outside the front of the cottage - the sun shone the whole time we were there!

A highlight of the trip was discovering Ackerman's cottage - which is one of the oldest cottages out there (all circa 1860's-70's) and has a descendant of the original family still living there who showed us everything. It was a real treat to see and the house and garden - just divine.

We also loved, loved, loved having Devonshire Tea at Rose Cottage next door. $6 a head and out came the lace tablecloth, doilies, scones in baskets, proper tea set and real tea!!! It was so delightful and of course, we forgot the camera! I highly recommend stopping in there. Tea is served in a lovely garden at the house where little birds played in the trees and the winter sun shone on us.

We have had a bit of a hiccup in our relationship... personal, sad, but we are working it out. It's not uncommon for new parents to struggle and I am amazed at the lack of support for new fathers out there. Anyway, we needed a holiday and felt this one was highly beneficial.


Despite that, I am frantically busy with design work (graphic) and haven't had a chance to do much bag-wise. I have about 10 bags sitting here that need to be finished with buttons and buttonholes but can't find a second to do it all. It's soooo frustrating! I keep thinking that I can 'handle it all' but really I can't! Having a baby slows you down incredibly and no amount of telling you really helps you understand.

On another note, I'm still debating whether to stop my blog. It was really about fabrics, the bags, design and colour but, as I don't get a chance to do much bag stuff at the moment, is it fair to keep it running? Or should I sway it more towards my business v's personal life being a mum and business woman??? Any thoughts?


m i s s b é b a said...

just happened to be on here.. wanted to say that i vote you keep your blog going! yeah!

bex said...

hmmm, i find your blog lovely. i remember when i first found it and spent ages going through the archive, i think you have a right mix going on. but i guess if its not working for you then thats all that matters. hope it figures out for you!

Retro Age Vintage Fabrics said...

I have missed you about the place! I know the trials with kiddies - our first was a nightmare for more than a year (no sleep, he was upset all of the time etc) but then he evened out in his second year and now he's at schoo. No one can tell you just how tough that first year is, for both parents...parenthood is a change and sometimes it's a harder adjustment. I would love to still read your blog - with or without your wonderful bags!

Kara said...

Thanks guys! x

sharon said...

I really enjoy reading your blog with or without fabrics & bags. I understand your frustration at trying to finish projects as I have struggled and I still do and my kids are now at school! Maybe take some time out to support your partner and have a little break. Take the pressure off yourself and if you can put the bags to be finished aside for a week or so. Please keep your blog going. Good luck.

veri maz said...

i can't begin to imagine how challenging it is to juggle the bub and working and hub but you give me hope it can be done :)

i look forward to your posts regardless of if they're about bubs, mountain life, bags or fabric.