Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All about me.

Back in the beautiful Blue Mountains after a few days away at Newcastle visiting my sister and family. It was so lovely to see everyone but it's so hard when your baby doesn't sleep so I felt like a zombie the whole time. I finally broke down and got a good rest while Mum took over.

Yesterday I decided to drive back to Sydney a day early then swung around and came straight back to the Mountains. Luckily, Theo didn't do too bad at sleeping last night (only awake 1.5 hours screaming!) so I am feeling more rested.

Being the sole parent, doing everything on your own is incredibly hard. I am still very angry about things but I am getting through it all.

I am determined to get to my baby range soon... but I just don't know when. I have some design projects to finish first, which is great to do at night while she goes to bed, but I'd love a little time to myself.


willywagtail said...

Seperation brings the same symptoms as any other major loss, ie grief and all it's steps. The person who leaves in effect steals our identity - who we have been for all that time is tied in with what we have done with them and become for them. You will eventually go through your steps of grief and rediscover a different Kara. I lost twenty years of my life when my husband left but I am now free to grow up to be me at the age of mid 40's. Cherrie

Kate said...

Hi Kara - delurking do talk sleep. I have lots of sympathy for you. My 18 month old has just stopped her night screaming. It used to be for over 3 hours every night for no reason. And it has gradually decreased only in the couple of months. I wish I had a magic answer for you, but nothing we did ever worked and we tried everything. So just wanted to say you aren't alone and I hope it gets better sooner than later.

Kara said...

Thank you so much guys. I definately am evolving and becoming something very different again. I do love my life here in the mountains and love having my little girl by my side on my travels. x