Saturday, October 31, 2009

Allen key

So I have my new bed... the IKEA iron bed... but of course got the wrong side beams so I still live on the floor! It's been a week and I can't wait to get into this blasted new bed. So much for feng shui changing my life.

But these beams arrive on Monday so I have a few girlfriends coming around to help me build it. You can never just build these damn things on your own. Always slightly tricky.

Anyway, thank you for so many lovely comments. I am feeling great, getting in the pool, doing my own thing while the ex looks after the little one for me. Life is good.

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Ali J said...

Hi Kara,

Just received your newsletter. I hope things are going well for you! I'm sorry to just hear that you and your partner split up. I know how hard things must be for you, I had to reach the lowest point in my life earlier this year before I could spring back up. Now here I am with a wonderful partner, booming business and baby on the way.
I think it is a fabulous idea to put some fresh feng shui into your life. Don't stop with just the bed though, I switched furniture between rooms, put up new curtains (well, secondhand op shop ones!), changed all the bedding.... and well almost everything. It is amazing how different a place can feel with a fresh zing to it (and how you will feel also!)
Little Theo is just divine. I hope my baby will be as gorgeous!! I'll keep checking into the blog to see how your journey develops. One day I'll finally be able to get one of your bags also! (I can't wait for your childrenswear line too so I can go shopping!!) xox