Saturday, October 10, 2009

Buttons buttons buttons

If you are lucky to live in Brisbane, please check out the button exhibition at Paddington Antique Centre, Paddington from 13 November - 3 December. I am so excited to be included in Suzy's collection - and there are a fab range of other designers!!!

My range of delicious handmade handbags will be on display and for sale.


Jo said...

That is so great Kara, well done. I know people will love them. xx

bex said...

awesome news! well done

citrus daisy said...

On a completely different topic. By chance I have a book from the library called The Imaginery Garden by Andrew Larsen & Irene Luxbacher (canadians). My daughter Thea was quite confused and then excited to know that the little girl in the book was called Theo (Theodora). I thought of you as I read it through the first time. It is a beautiful book (all about creativity) and it might be something fun to have for your wee girl.... if you can hunt it down.