Friday, January 22, 2010

Fabric fabric everywhere!

I have to make a start and pull out my fabrics. I have a new custom order for a 10tote and have already discovered some lovely fabric ideas to put to my client. The fabrics have snuck into my dining room and will be making a permanent home here I believe.

Its time to start bringing out the bags and bags and bags of fabric...
but where to put them all?

Starting to pile up - these are JUST the upholstery fabrics.
The vintage cottons and so forth that I use for the baby dresses and other bags
are still tucked away in big striped bags in my office.

So many beautiful patterns!


willywagtail said...

Woohoo! It is probably great just to reacquaint yourself with every piece of material you have.

Jacqui said...

good luck in the new place Kara. I've been following along through your big life change and house move - heres to a fabulous new year for you and little Theo. PS I'm v. jealous you get to live in Blackheath! As I'm still a Sydney wage-slave it is just too far to commute but I love visiting. Happy Days to you both! Jacqui x PPS the new little baby dresses are just lovely