Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quilts and throws in the making

I have started creating throws and quilts from my huge array of fabrics and am so pleased with the results. There are four in the making above with the paler design at left being the only one finished so far.

All are backed with polar fleece which makes them snuggly and heavy. They will be dry clean only though as the array of gorgeous fabrics, including silks, mean they can't be machine washed.

Here is my monkey this morning eating her toast... there is cottage cheese on it so it usually gets smeared everywhere first.

She is coming through whooping cough at the moment. It has been an exhausting couple of weeks with an incredible cough during the night... she is managing to self-settle herself again so I can get some rest too. But the cough - it is very distressing for her & for me to listen too!


willywagtail said...

Cutest little monkey. Don't you love it when the smile just for you? Heart wrenching to see someone else create when I can't even find the table! LOL Cherrie
PS They are beautiful though.

Em said...

Hey Kara, I found 'Euky Bear Rub' from the chemist helps with sleep time coughs, and it's a natural blend too.

Kara said...

Thanks Em, she is that crook with it but as its whooping cough, there is nothing you can really do. We spent a night in hospital and they monitored her oxygen levels when she coughs (as she goes purple).... and I tell you, that is an experience with a little one there over 24 hours!!! Grr....