Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

Finally, after days of rain and storms we have some sun in Blackheath. I wonder how long it will last? I have got 4 loads of washing out on the line so far with more to go so I hope the weather holds for the rest of the day so it can all dry. New to my 'Needs & Wants' list is a clothes dryer, something I loathe using for the waste of electricity, but with a small child and living in a foggy wet suburb over 1000m above sea level, I have to justify.

My Mum has been up for around 4 days visiting and helping me with Theo and her whooping cough, as well as scrubbing the old house I lived in so that it is shipshape and ready to hand back to the real estate yesterday. I couldn't have done it without her. Theo is always hanging off me or demanding my time!

It was wonderful to think it was finally clean and ready to hand over but also very sad. It was a lovely house and home for us but a little too big once my ex partner left several months ago. It was where I fell pregnant, had the promise of a family, my darling little baby girl spent her first 12 months and I watched her grow there. The last few months have been surreal and almost dream-like for me but I am glad Theo and I have our own wonderful space here in Blackheath and look forward to the future.

Theo has now taken her first steps and I keep watching to see more. If I try to get her to take them, she collapses on the rug in a heap (very dramatic) crying! I can see a touch of the theatrical side coming out already at 13 months...

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