Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Small finds that make you smile

I was trying to take some photos of the fabulous bar mirrors at our local The New Ivanhoe in Blackheath. Mum and I stopped in for a counter meal last week and I was gobsmacked when I saw these beauties.

The one above shows cocktails and bottles of bubbly...

This one is hard to see but it includes a hula girl, musical notes and a racehorse! Everything you love to see crammed into one mirror (hee hee). Sorry for the bad photography but I only had my iphone.

These mirrors are delightful, as is the whole hotel, completely 1930's Art Deco still! Such fun!

I do love coming home to the mountains. The drive up just relaxes me once I pass Penrith and know I am on my way home. Winding through the bush and all the nostalgia of mountains trips as a kid never wears off on me. We are lucky to live here!

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veri maz said...

ah you've got to love the 'ivy, i recall enjoying the odd $5 steak sambo there.