Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby dresses

Ok ok - the dresses aren't far away! Hopefully they will go into production in the next two weeks and then they will be available online.

I have been playing around with them again - and think this tunic style really is the most practical for little ones. If it's cold, a skivvy and tights or jeans looks great. As they grow out of the dress - it becomes a tunic top! Cool!

These two dresses are made with vintage fabrics and buttons - the one on the left even has vintage pom poms along the bottom (12 months old) and the one on the right is vintage 1950s barkcloth (my favourite fabric / 9 months old). I will be creating these from about 1 month through to 3 years old. All finished with fabulous trims, buttons and other details.

Stay tuned!


Drewzel said...

So super cute!
Wish the blue one was grown up (and out) person sized, I would sooo wear it...maybe with some electric blue tights :P
steph x

Kara said...

That would be so fun - but imagine getting the sizing right for adults... grrrrrr!

Angela said...

Kara, these little girl dresses are so cute. I'd love one for my little one who is almost 8mths old. (I'm having great fun dressing a little girl after having 2 boys!) So I'll be keeping an eye out for when these are available. Love those pompoms!

And I'm sorry I missed your sale!


Jo said...

Would love to see some boys stuff!!!