Monday, June 7, 2010

Fab fab fab

The baby dresses are coming! Looking really good - just need vintage buttons sewn, buttonholes in place and upload to my site...

Double-sided, these dresses are gonna be fantastic for every flash little girl who needs something totally individual and is environmentally aware enough to wear refashioned & recycled fabrics! Wowee!

This fabulous ballerina bag has been created for Brianna and will be shipped today. With 3 vintage buttons and shorter handle straps, I'm sure she will be pleased with the result.

Next month we are moving down the south coast. Sad to leave my beautiful house in the Mountains but looking forward to the next adventure and instalment in my life... (stay tuned).

1 comment:

Drewzel said...

That knife and fork fabric is fabulous! hehe!

Quite interested to see where your move takes you too the NSW coast :)