Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm still here!

Wow! It's almost been a month and I haven't posted. Mainly cos we have been having such a great time on holiday (which hasn't ended yet) and settling into the new house.

Who is sick of the election? I keep checking the news but still haven't found out who is in control. Though it is looking interesting as neither Labour or Liberal will have full control and the good ole Greens have their hand in there to keep either party on the ball! Yay!!!

We have just come back from 2.5 weeks of a great driving trip to Queensland and back. Every night we stayed someplace different with G's family. Luckily they all have kids, so Theo was entertained at every stop and never had shortage of kids and toys to play with! We got as far as Agnes Water/Town of 1770, where G's brother and family lives - it's definitely worth the trip if you have ever considered going up that far.

Theo grows bigger every day and I have to stop and remember to look at her - it's all going so fast. She is a keen baby cino freak and pulls up at chairs at cafes and 'requests' baby cino's (ie. without speech as she is still not talking - and instead says 'er er' and points). I have bought a bag of marshmallows so I can froth the milk and make them at home, but of course, never seem to find the time to do it! Note to self: I must get onto that....

Whilst up in Queensland we got to catch up with an old mate from Alice Springs and her lovely 6 month old baby, Annika. Here are the girls together at some kids playground at Gladstone.

This fabulous lamp (the one on the right) almost gave me a heart attack at our local Salvos. I can't believe it has a 'Not for Sale' sign around it's neck... Grrrrr! Why is it there in the store then? I will have to investigate every day in case it IS ever for sale.

It's a great 2nd hand store anyway, and I always manage to find something fantastic. We are heading to the snow tomorrow for 3 days and I got Theo some great bright red ski boots in her size for $6 - bargain!


Jess said...

Such a shame about that lamp. Did you find any other treasures on the road trip? x

Kara said...

Nothing really worth mentioning but we r heading to Cooma and need a snowsuit for Theo so fingers crossed - that means I won't find one but tons of other fab impractical stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

hey Kara this is totally unrelated, but i just wanted to comment on the story about your grandma...on your website....what an inspiring woman, so often i think that women are too worried about fashion and need to wear items that both flattering and suit your personality and unique is no co-incidence that you have ended up creative....i love that you have been around... for a while now....and keep re-inventing yourself....I have always been impressed by your cross-pollenating marketing strategies....well done and a hi five, i think it is totally terrific!! I had a look at your examples on your graphic design website today i love the textiles designer one with the grid of fabrics/beautiful....I love texture and colour!!!have a wonderful day!! Polly

Kara said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Polly. Its great to hear that - especially when you get sick of whatever you are doing and want to try something different.

My great grandmother was totally inspiring but also a harsh woman to her own kids.

Anyway, its fun to keep reinventing ourselves - thats life, hey?