Sunday, September 26, 2010

No. 55

Today, G and I decided to clean up the front step. It's really sad, broken old bricks with some concrete on top. Since doing up the fence, we thought that it could easily be done up with G's skills as a tiler. We found a number of tiles from some of his old jobs and planned to do something special.

I got to pick out the font and sketch up some numbers to use for the mosaic. This was about as far as I was handy for the project - but I do love the recycling aspect and learning that I love being a 'doer-upper'!

The cream tiles get broken up to use for the no. 5's. Note the tin of cream wafers (jumbo tin mind you though we have both 'pledged' to sort of diet/reduce our sweet intake), it's been very handy today.

Just like that, it's done. Nah, really, it took quite a while and numerous cups of tea and wafer biscuits.

G doin' his stuff. Love having a handyman!

All coming together - I learnt a lot about tiling today.

The tiles all laid out and ready to go in place. It was really exciting to see it all come together. With the new/old recycled paling fence, native plants already growing and so many comments from passersby, it was wonderful to see something come out of nothing.

I learnt all about how many parts sand and how many parts cement work well, how wet it should be, etc... can't say I'm ready to tackle the next project on my own.

Ohhh ahhhhh...

The finished piece! Just waiting for it to dry overnight and hopefully no one would dare to ruin it. It looks so much better and ties our little house together just that little bit more. G had so many comments from passersby wanting their stoop done!


Jess said...

I love it. You two are so good together. We just sit around bemoaning about everything that needs doing. Can't wait to see it in the flesh in just 3 weeks!

willywagtail said...

Love this idea. Maybe G could go into business doing personalised stoops - 2010 style! Cherrie

Junk-it Junction... said...

It looks fantastic Kara, how lucky are you!! I think it is a great idea, he must have alot of patience!

Kara said...

Definitely a great idea! I think it would work as a business idea but it would be expensive... it took all day!!!! Great with recycled materials though.

Anyone that is interested, let me know! Hee hee.

Tia said...

Kara I think its wouldn't work with our house like this but maybe framed it would and hung on the house.

Kara said...

Tia, there is a really ugly patch on the front of the house - its weatherboard - but looks like it had a sign glued there, then pulled away at some point. So about 6 ugly glue areas. I was thinking the same thing, a sign that we could hang there - maybe saying 'welcome' or something kitschy like 'emoh ruo' (Our home)??? LOL