Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slowly coming together...

Slowly but surely this little house is getting polished up a little, and I stress on the 'little'. It's a rental, a tad rough, but after a few comments of 'oh I didn't realise you lived there, I thought it was derelict' we thought up some fun ways to bring it a bit more to life without spending much at all. It is a rental after all!

First up is a new fence courtesy of recycled timber fence palings that the local Vet was pulling down. It kinda works with the old style of the miners cottage, don't you think? We kept the really old fence up (in front of the letterbox) as it stops the kids from stomping on the plants.

Council had a plant sale so we picked up some great little native plants perfect for the climate around here. Native Rosemary, a fast growing vine with pea-like flowers (forgotten the name) and a couple of others will mean that the fence with have things growing all over it soonish.

Nelly helps out with the renovations and oversees everything! She is such a good dog.

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