Friday, September 3, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Time to check in and say hi. I have a long list of 'things to do', including blogging, which really should be 'things to consider doing at some point when I am not wiping bottoms or faces' which means never! Sigh. It's not a glamorous life, but it's mine. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

Today, Theo my little girl and I went to Stanwell Park to meet up with Amanda for a coffee. I figure it's time to get out in the world of the South Coast and stop feeling so sad about all my lovely friends in the Blue Mountains (who I miss so much). There is a fabulous community here and it's time I got to know it.

Amanda Upton is an amazing artist living down here and I have met her through a mutual friend. I urge you to check out her work on her website - and she tells me she is having an exhibition in Newtown in about two months. I will post about that too when I find out more about her lovely up-coming work.

We have finally got this house into some shape. G has a bit of a problem with collecting (hoarding) stuff which is all 'valuable' to him and junk to me. He is the complete opposite to me and collects things like snowboards, skis, surfboards, kayaks, etc... ie. he is into physical activity. And when you take two households with two personalities that like collecting, it's hard to convince either it's time to let go. So we are slowly getting there with some negotiation and a garage sale that went quite well.

Next is our vegie patch which will commence next week with my Mum coming down to help. She has a green thumb and can turn anything around in the garden, so I figure it's best to wait for her! I have managed to get a lot of herbs going in pots which are taking off nicely. Also big pots of white daisies - simple but so cheery. The backyard is really not very pretty but with the two dogs corralled off into a section, I'm hoping to reclaim some of the space and make it into something special, as well as being a place Theo can enjoy with her new bike. Photos to come soon!


Sofia said...

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Shanti said...

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