Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New bags & kids dresses

Today I had a really productive day (since I didn't have my little 22 month old hanging off me) and got a ton of stuff done and uploaded to my website.

Seafarer 10tote - exclusive one-offs that I make.
This bag is soooo much fun!

Just love the mix of fabrics and the vintage buttons...
There are 3 new 10totes online and one has just been reduced.

My new range of 'tea party' dresses are so sweet.
Check out this Apple dress @ $57.95 AUD. Great for the next big party.
Size 2.

There are a couple of new handbags and clutches up online too. I just have to get 2 more ballerina bags and a tote up soon...


Jess said...

The apple dress is so gorgeous!

Susan said...

I love the Seafarer 10tote! I dig the reclaimed/recycled accessories so this was a treat to see some of your work!

Novella said...

beautiful dress watch this:


Suzziisuebots said...

Hello, I lurve your use of fabric - such pretty stuff - and your gorgeous handbags. Suzz

Kara said...

Thanks so much guys!