Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green thumb

This beautiful pumpkin soup was made last night by my dear husband (I love saying that!). Best bit is, the pumpkin is from our garden. It was delicious - made with lots of ginger. He's not a bad cook amongst other things...

Two more of our pumpkins sitting ready to go. I love the mottled colour of these against the floor tiles. They almost appear hand-painted.

Producing your own food is fulfilling, and having our little one help out with weeding (and sometimes removing all the lettuce leaves) has been great. She is really learning how to do it all and looks forward to watering the garden.

The vegie patch takes off with the recent rain down our way.

Dalhia's are going crazy. We only thought we had purple but spotted bright lemon yellow ones coming out recently!

Nothing better than fresh mint. I love watching all the herbs flower too. They are so pretty and don't often get a chance to shine.

One of our dogs Jetta takes a stroll after me. They are very good and don't interfere with the gardens... instead, Jetta prefers to eat any gardening gloves left out!

One of the bright lemon yellow dahlia's just come out. These are huge and so pretty against the purple ones.

Lettuces... yum!

Beetroot... almost time to harvest. I love these roasted! Got any other cooking suggestions for them? My pregnancy cravings are going wild so I am always after more food ideas.


veri maz said...

I love a Stephanie recipe (cooks companion) where you grate the raw beetroot with a heap of chopped mint, parsley and coriander. Mix in lemon juice to taste and then serve it with a big dollop of natural yoghurt.

Kara said...

Oh thanks for that... sounds good!


I loved your blog congratulations