Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nostalgia. Can I move on?

I was thinking it would be fun to post about Taronga zoo, since we went yesterday: how much it's changed, the history of the zoo and the nostalgia I feel about it. The photo above is Theo and I just sitting up from where the enormous sea lions used to be. It's just feral green water now, and I'm sure it will be turned into something really great, but I do love going to Taronga zoo and seeing what I saw as a child. I should have been more diligent about taking photos but it was almost 40 degrees and I'm 20 weeks pregnant so sorry for not really thinking straight. Instead, I have done a bit of an online search to find some of the memories I so loved.

I probably haven't been to the zoo for at least 10 years, but I have been countless times since a child and just love the experience each time. It was fun to be able to go into the historic elephant enclosure. I have always loved that building and being able to walk through now and read some interpretive signage about the history of it and the beautiful elephants housed there was a little thrill.

This is the 'Taj Mahal' of elephant temples! It is a stunning old building built in 1917 and heritage listed and housed 2 elephants.

Probably not the loveliest view for elephants but I'm glad they have kept it.

I couldn't find the enclosure that was at the zoo before this one, but remember a memorial to another elephant that died at the zoo breaking it's leg after falling in the moat at the zoo. If you remember this, can you comment?

Another memory, long gone from the zoo of course, was the fantastic large wooden giraffe play area right next door (down from) the giraffes in the 1980's. Do you remember these? I loved playing on these. Remember the bear pits right at the bottom of the zoo at the Ferry?

So many memories and it's probably silly, but I wanted to show my 2 year old daughter some of these things. Remember the flamingos there? Where are they now?

Even the entrance way has to make way for bigger and better. Now, I know the original entrance won't be going anywhere but it's beautiful! Taronga zoo is really one of the most beautiful zoos in the world and everyone should go. I just feel sad it's no longer the zoo I remember... but I also feel that way about the Royal Easter Show at Moore Park! And I won't get started there...


willywagtail said...

I loved my old Melbourne zoo for all the nostalgia too but the new enclosures are so much kinder to the animals. Half way there! Hope it's not unbearably hot for you. I guess that is the good thing about a winter baby. Cherrie

Kara said...

Yes, I guess I'm not really thinking about the animals - just the great, fake sorta concrete vintage structures!

I don't mind that there are new enclosures, just don't want the old ones going away. And when they are replaced with plants, for some reason it just makes me sad...