Thursday, March 17, 2011


Finally back from a lovely well-earned break in Tasmania for 2 weeks. My cousin had a beautiful wedding at Frecinyet and it was a treat to go down and experience it all. We had a campervan booked for two weeks which was a lot of fun, but hard work with a big pregnant belly! Luckily, I was able to book 2 nights at Cradle Mountain Lodge - which admittedly turned into 3 nights...

Pretty greenhouse at City Park, Launceston.

I was quite surprised at Launceston. I hadn't been there for a long time and always thought of it (well remembered it) as not a very pretty place. Wow, was I wrong. We had a lovely stay for 2 days there just across from City Park, one of the best parks ever!

Japanese macaque enclosure at City Park.

Theo asked every morning to go to 'park' (she is finally talking and even putting sentences together). Which was easy cos it was right across the road so we went morning and afternoon. She loved the Japanese macaque enclosure and visited her 'monkeys' a lot!

Under the flower display at the greenhouse at City Park.

I love hydrangeas!

City Park, Launceston.

The garden was absolutely immaculate with staff roaming constantly through the park all day fixing and tending to it. I don't think I have quite seen that level of care anywhere else.

At the wedding - table display.

I designed the wedding invitation and bits & bobs surrounding it. Having parents who own their own stone fruit farm, complete with the best pistachio home-made icecream (amongst other flavours), meant gorgeous little pots of jam for all the guests.

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