Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well, the insomnia has decided to drop by.

Part of pregnancy I guess but definitely not welcome. Lying there at 2:30am wondering if I should scrub cupboards is not something I want to be woken up by! So I thought I'd do some uploading of new bags while I wait for my lovely man to come home from nightshift.

I have just uploaded a stack of new clutch purses - as well as reducing some of my old stock! Check them out...

Esmerelda clutch purse - $84.95 AUD + post. Gorgeous mix of upholstery fabrics.

Handbags are being finished tomorrow so check by again to see what's been loaded up over the weekend. Maybe I will be sleeping a lot of tomorrow too... hmmm.

Meanwhile, life is getting busy with only 12 weeks to go in pregnancy for our baby no. 2. We have decided to go with a doula which is very exciting. I must say it's hard to think of sleepless nights again when my 26 month old sleeps 13 hours straight at night (as well as a good nap during the day) but the thought of having another newborn is so exciting.

G loves it all as well as my big pregnant belly which makes me pretty happy! I seem to have a growing habit in hot milo of late... does that mean a girl?

Feeling so blessed lately (and not a religious person so blessed in a 'good way') that everything is working so well. We really think we will be buying a house in the Blue Mountains at the end of the year... fingers crossed... can't wait to be back!

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