Saturday, May 7, 2011

One more to the fold

My darling man has been gardening again - pulling out old dahlias and other plants that have finished for the season. Plants in: peas, broccoli and cauliflower. Can't wait til they grow - yum!

Nemo... of course.

At the Gardening Centre we eyed up the goldfish for sale. We bought a second hand bowl soooo long ago and keep meaning to get a fish. Theo loves looking at them so we took the plunge and added another member to our family. 'Nemo' (of course, as named by Theo) seems happy enough in his/her bowl!

7 weeks to go til baby no. 2 is due. I cannot wait, especially now as I'm lumbering around and getting so tired. I seem to have cracked or strained my rib on left hand side which makes sleeping hard (since you are meant to sleep on your left side when preggers). Last weekend we attended Calmbirth which I have to say I highly, highly, highly recommend - especially if you have fears when birthing. I feel totally ready to tackle it! Bring it on!

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