Sunday, June 26, 2011

Distracting myself

Yesterday was my 40 week due date and last night, I really thought it was all happening. Turns out baby is still posterior and getting itself into position. Oh well, a practice run to the hospital never hurt anyone - and lovely to have my dear husband and doula along for the ride!!!

I've been trying to distract myself today so that I don't think too much about contractions or pains. An idea was to have a last minute end-of-financial-year-sale but it's just too much for me in case I go tonight and can't organise and fulfill orders. The downside of having a baby this time of year... hee hee.

One of the projects I'm yet to finish is to create our wedding album for when we eloped in October last year. So I have been trawling through all the photos to see which ones make or break it in the album. There are so many good ones and it's lovely to go back down memory lane and re-experience such a beautiful day.

One photo I particularly love is the one I've posted here. It was pretty much the last photo Mary took on her way out after the ceremony. It's just so natural and both so happy and relaxed... though I must say, the whole day was just like that. Guess that's the beauty of not being on display for a wedding and quietly eloping?

We had found out about 2 days previous that I was 5 weeks pregnant too. Just the perfect bit of icing on the cake. So it also made it nice to think BOTH children were present at the wedding!!!


Kel said...

Lovely photo, what a great way to boost the oxytocin by going through your wedding photos too.
Best wishes for a wonderful birth!

Kara said...

Oh yeah, I didn't think of that - good ole oxytocin!!! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara,
Keep waiting to hear news about the baby, I'm sure it is not far away! Best wishes for the birth anyway.
Love Ann