Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pregnant pause

38 weeks - 12 June 2011

Wow, I haven't posted in almost a month! It's not like me but I guess I have other things on my mind - see above. I took this a couple of nights ago when I was 38 weeks. Pregnancy is quite lovely, and so far I have managed not to acquire new stretch marks. But I am now officially OVER IT... I have been measuring 6 weeks ahead for some time so there have been problems with my hips, spine, groin, thighs, etc. Everything is agony and not enjoyable anymore, especially when you have a 2.5 year old to also chase around.

I keep being told 'sooner rather than later' would be good for this baby to arrive. At 34.5 weeks I had an ultrasound as my GP was concerned about my size. This baby was measuring 40 weeks and roughly 3.6 kgs THEN!

Every night with every twinge, cramp or pain I wonder 'is this it?' only to fall into a bad sleep and awake still with a huge belly! It can't go on too much longer I guess. I have everyone on standby to help with Theo, poor hubby ready to dart back from work if he is working nights and a fabulous Doula ready to jump in too.

So, I am ready. And I should mention, having cramps, pains, etc is WONDERFUL to me. Last time I didn't have one... waters broke and 36 hours later, still no pain! So at least my body understands what's meant to be happening this time around.


willywagtail said...

Wow. What a neat bump. It certainly looks bigger from the side than the top doesn't it. All the best for an early and soft landing. Cherrie

Kara said...

Thanks!!! Yes, lets hope its not too much. xxx